Birthdays, bring them back

So here is my question. What happened to all the birthday phone calls. It’s now loads of random picture posts on Facebook, Instagram or voice notes. Family might be lucky enough to receive a phone call. I miss the old days when Birthdays used to be a big thing of celebration ooh and all the birthday envelopes with personally written cards with real words and wishes. They meant more to me then gifts or money because of the thought that went into it. Don’t get me wrong I love receiving gifts, but I kept all those cards from years ago.

Don’t get me started on kids birthday parties these days. So much goes into it. First it needs to be theme and not clowns or princesses no no no as over the top as possible. It’s almost like you are stepping into the real kiddies movie and sitting at their table. From themed, cakes, biscuits, drinks, decorations, games and then there’s the dressing up. Maybe I don’t get it as I do not have a small child at the moment, but it seems a bit too much to me. Vent over

I remember those 80’s garage parties. They were the best. Posters on the walls one radio that luckily you can play as load as possible and the neighbors wouldn’t complain as it was soft enough and they couldn’t even hear it, but we had a blast. Chips and dip and cold drink out of plastic cups nothing fancy. After one of these you would be the talk of the school for weeks or until someone else hosted a party. Good times and great memories.


Bond, James Bond

I am really enjoying this freedom to share my thoughts like this. I am struggle with the following so I want my friends and family to know what I am up to or should I keep it a secret like a spy with a secret identity. The spy option seems like the most fun.

Saving the world one blog at a time. While I am being a spy maybe I can figure out how to be mother of the year too. I have a teenage boy he is like my own as he has been staying with us since he was 10. I can not remember that I was this moody when I was that age he is either non responsive or at 100% over the top sensitive. The funniest thing happened the other day in the car. I told I have something serious to discuss with him on our drive from school. This is what I said: ” I would like to apologize for the next couple of years, probably until you are 20 at least. We are really sorry that we do not know anything or haven’t had any life experiences to give you advise or to assist you to make the right choices. See bad things coming a mile away. You know things like that.” Then I asked him what does he think. He replied: ” I understand and I agree” I almost drove over the pavement hahaha this just proves what goes on in their mind. It’s crazy, but we love the little monsters. Hence me giving the super mom a skip and rather being a spy.

Kissed by Bambi

It’s official we are one with the sun in Cape Town today. Clearly I am not one for this heat especially after getting ready by doing my hair and make up every day for an hour. Then only to be asked later in the day why I am wearing eye liner as lip liner.

I’ll be truthful I’m not one of those girls that can go all natural and looks like they’ve been kissed by Bambi. Hot days are the worst my make up tricks that I saw on instagram all melts of my face. The contouring I did to give me some sort of jawline is now on my shoulders. When I decide one day to not do the whole face and hair I get asked if I am ill or if I have been crying all day.

No no no it’s all natural. So this is the one thing I do everyday for man kind for the people. I paint that face of mine like I pro or I at least think so.

Keep on, keeping on

So it’s only the 243rd day of January and I’m ready to go on holiday again. Not that I had a peaceful and relaxing holiday as being the most amazing wife in the world o agreed to spend it with my husbands family. I know right what was I thinking. It wasn’t that bad just a lot at once and I’m not used to that.

Maybe it’s just me but my kind of holiday is not being on the road constantly going to Shopping Centres and family. I am more of a veg by the pool drinking cocktails or reading a book and nobody talks to you lol I know that sounds bizarre but in my current position it’s constant smiling and waving and being happy and excited everyday so if I want to turn into a zombie every know and then I think it should be allowed.

Something recently happened that struck a nerve a woman committed suicide. I am not sure how to feel about it. I am also not trying to make it about me. She must have had balls of a giant to do that. Stopping on the side of the road( that’s the first risky thing seeing it’s in South Africa and it’s extremely dangerous ) then she got out of her climbed on top of the bridge and jumped. I can’t even imagine what went through her mind but it must be really bad to go to that extreme. Did she decide it early in the day, days before? Did she plan it to be that specific bridge because it was a message. Did something happened on the way to the bridge? I guess we will never know the real story as I didn’t know her. The worst part for me was the response from social media. People are allowed to voice whatever they want and have opinions about everything. I am down for open mindedness but let’s use a little bit of tact.

What did we learn from this is not to have Balls like a giant and when you do go on leave do what you want to do.